Donation of gametes and embryos is a procedure by which donors donate their gametes (sperm, oocytes), or embryos with their voluntary written consent for the treatment of infertility of other patients.

Hundreds of successful donation programs have been carried out by our specialists. And if this type of treatment is chosen by a couple, we will surely assist you.
Our clinic uses eggs of women who knowingly donate their eggs to help couples trying to conceive a baby. In this case, full anonymity is maintained both for the donor and for the intended parents.

You can select an egg donor by blood type, rhesus factor, and phenotypic features (eye shape and color, hair color, height, physique).

As far as the IVF donor assisted program is concerned, it consists of the following steps:
♦ selection of an appropriate egg donor (egg donation).
♦ synchronization of donor and recipient cycles (if the recipient has a menstrual cycle).
♦ hormonal stimulation of the oocyte donor – required to receive more oocytes.
♦ puncture of mature follicles to produce oocytes.
♦ fertilization of the received donor eggs with the sperm of a male patient or donor, cultivation of the received embryos within 3-5 days.
♦ transfer of one or two of the best quality embryos into the uterine cavity of the recipient patient, cryopreservation of the remaining good quality embryos, control of the onset of pregnancy.


♦ age from 18 to 36 years;
♦ having a healthy baby
♦ absence of negative phenotypic manifestations
♦ satisfactory somatic health
♦ absence of hereditary diseases
♦ no bad habits

All donors undergo a thorough medical examination in accordance with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine order.

Sperm donation is the voluntary transfer of one’s own sperm for use by other patients in the treatment of infertility.

A sperm donor can be a man between the age of 20 and 40 who has a healthy baby born to him. Only pre-frozen and thawed donor sperm is allowed to use, which eliminates the possibility of infection with sexually transmitted diseases.
The choice of sperm donor is made by the couple or the patient( a woman) voluntarily on the basis of the phenotypic characteristics of the anonymous donor.

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