Why choose us?

Choosing a Fertility Treatment is an important decision. Clinic of Professor S. Khmil has over 10 years experience helping women. Our Clinic can offer a wealth of experience, whilst also adapting to your individual needs.

We are ready to give you any additional information you may require

Any fertility treatment programme requires some prior medical tests, meaning you have to spend time and money, especially if they need to be done at a private clinic. At the Clinic of Professor S. Khmil you can have all the tests needed for your treatment during your first appointment, on the same day and at a much lower price. This is less disruptive and saves a considerable amount of time and money, as you can start your treatment straightaway. If you have already had your tests or you prefer to have them done in your local area, you can bring the results to your first appointment.

In your own language

We will provide you with a comfortable environment to address all of your concerns and, of course, provide you with detailed information in regard to your situation and the treatment recommended for you. All of your messages, appointments and documents will be carried out in the language of your choice: French, English, Italian or Russian.

At your disposal at all times

We adapt to your needs and not the other way round. Through your secure personal area you can easily contact us at any time. You wil be assigned one sole doctor who will centralise all the details of your treatment.

Our sophisticated pre-diagnosis system is based on experience gained from over 10,000 cases. We offer you the best treatment, adapting to your needs to ensure you benefit from the best techniques available at Clinic of Professor S. Khmil.

You will be accompanied at all times

In Clinic of Professor S. Khmil we have earned a reputation of always offering the most human side of assisted reproduction. From the moment you first decide to trust in Clinic of Professor S. Khmil we will assign you a coordinator and doctor of reference whom you will be able to contact at all times through your secure personal area.

Excellent pregnancy results

In Clinic of Professor S. Khmil we take your security, privacy and the quality of our service very seriously. All of our clinical procedures and all the information you receive meet with the most demanding criteria of security, privacy and quality.

The most appropriate donor

For egg donation, we have a team who specialise in finding the donor who most fits your physical characteristics.

Donation programme: 100% legal and anonymous

Donors who come to Clinic of Professor S. Khmil benefit from excellent treatment and thorough information, and they positively value the quality of care they receive.

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