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Dear friends! Is there anything more valuable and important than parenthood? The first steps, words, life experiences of your child, good or bad will bring hope to a brighter future. But sometimes the journey to desirable parenthood might turn out to be difficult and long. Therefore, I devoted more than 30 years of my professional life to the treatment of infertility. My mission is to help married couples to fulfill their most cherished dream of becoming parents. Based on my own research and clinical treatments, I have developed an effective infertility treatment technique that has helped more than 5,000 couples, even in the most difficult cases. I live my work and my greatest happiness is fulfilling couples’ dreams of parenthood.

I have established two powerful reproductive health centers, dominated by a philosophy of assistance, sincerity, sacrifice and compassion to people. World-class examination, diagnosis and treatment standards, state-of-the-art equipment and a team of leading experts — we work for your happiness.

Medical Center “Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil” is the place where motherhood and new life are born.

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