Ultra sound prenatal examination

Ultrasonography is widely used in the diagnostics of diseases of the internal organs. The principle of ultrasound scanning is based on the ability of high-quality ultrasound to spread rectilinearly in the tissues of the human body, reflecting on the boundary of the allocation of media with different acoustic density.

Our clinic has always sought to use the most up-to-date, progressive equipment in its work. That is why the new 4D Voluson E8 Expert (2013) was put in practice, is an expert-class product of the American manufacturer, the world leader in the field of medical equipment, General Electric Helthcare

Advantages of the Voluson E8 Expert:

  1. High accuracy of measurements thanks to the most advanced volume sensors and the latest software;
  2. Astonishing quality of a digital image, its recording in the form of photos and videos;
  3. RealTime4D technology – displaying the fetus and its movements in real time (up to 45 volumes per second). This scan allows you to evaluate the behavior of the future baby in a dynamics, which is very important for the timely detection of a number of fetal developmental malformations;
  4. Function of ultrasound tomography (ultrasound analogue of computer tomography);
  5. Elasticity mode. This is an additional technology within the framework of ultrasound diagnostics. Elastography allows with the help of an ultrasound beam to “palpate” the body’s tissues and through the program to evaluate their elasticity (stiffness). This method is effective in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, for the early diagnosis of various tumors;
  6. Maximum detail when scanning the internal organs, heart and fetal skeleton;
  7. Possibility of detection of pathology in the early stages of pregnancy;
  8. Four types of highly sensitive dopplers for studying the state of the heart, vessels, umbilical blood flow of the fetus;
  9. Function for Early Fetal Heart Failure (STIC);
  10. The function of the HD Live, which allows you to receive real images of the embryo.

The Voluson E8 Expert is called the 4D-expert. Only really highly skilled personnel can work efficiently with such a device. In our clinic, this is a leading apparatus. The ultrasound specialists of the institution not only possess the necessary knowledge, but also have a compelling work experience in the field of ultrasound diagnostics in gynecology and prenatal ultrasound diagnostics. Ultrasound specialists are certified by the perinatologists of the International Fund for Fetal Medicine.

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