Sperm donation

Despite the fact that modern assisted reproductive technologies are effective enough, it is sometimes that even an IVF is not able to help an infertile couple to experience the joy of parenthood. How to be in such very difficult situation?

Given the fact that male infertility occurs as often as female infertility, there is often a need for sperm donor:

  • if a person once received a serious testicle injury or testicles are not at all;
  • if there is a high risk of a serious hereditary disease for a future child;
  • oncological diseases;
  • chemotherapy;
  • absence of sexual partner.

Who can become a sperm donor?

  • donor age – from 20 to 40years;
  • presence of his own healthy children;
  • absence of any sexual or any other infections (including hidden, HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, etc.);
  • absence of hereditary diseases;
  • absence of somatic diseases;
  • no harmful habits.

If all the necessary analyzes are passed and when  it is found out that for all parameters a person is suitable for donation, a sperm collection is carried out with subsequent freezing. However, after that, the genetic material is not immediately used. After 6 months the person undergoes repeated laboratory diagnostics, and only after confirmation of the absence of any health problems, the biological material can be used for the procedure of artificial insemination.

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