In order to prevent some potential health complications in the future, which are related to pregnancy every couple should undergo a full medical examination before fertilization. You should worry about your health and your child in advance.

It is obligatory to:

♦ get a consultation with a therapeutist, obstetrician-gynecologist, urologist and have a genetic consultation;

♦ undergo some clinical and laboratory examination: general blood test, сlinical urine test, blood sugar test, test for syphilis, HIV, chest x-ray, bacteriological and Pap test (for women), test for urinary tract infection (for men).

If there are indications, you have to get a consultation with doctors of other specialties, undergo additional types of clinical and laboratory examinations.

So, for the healthy child birth, in order to save the woman’s health, it is necessary to plan the future pregnancy and prapare fot it. And our specialists can help you with this.

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