One of the main clinical areas of the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil is the modern diagnostics and treatment of benign, precancerous and malignant diseases of the cervix.

Diseases of the cervix are the most common pathology among women of reproductive age. The pathology of the cervix develops in women of all ages.

Causes of the cervix deseases:

  • hormonal ovarian insufficiency
  • mechanical injuries (childbirth, abortion);
  • infectious diseases of the cervix and vagina;
  • disorders of immune status
  • genetic disorders.

Symptoms of cervical diseases

Diseases of the cervix, in most cases, occur asymptomatic, often occur against the background of other diseases of the reproductive system. Therefore, all women are advised to undergo prophylactic examinations twice a year in order to detect the pathology of the cervix in a timely manner.

Diagnostics of the cervical diseases

In the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil, a comprehensive diagnostic study is carried out, which allows to identify at an early stage the cervical disease:

  • colposcopy of the cervix
  • cytological examination
  • histological examination of the cervical biopsy,
  • bacterioscopy
  • bacteriological study
  • tests for sexually transmitted infections.

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