Ovulation induction is a method of treatment of infertility by stimulation of ovulation by medications. The aim of ovulation induction is to aid the ovaries to produce a follicle and a mature egg cell.

This method of treatment is used if there are no ovulationbutthere is one (or two) permeable fallopian tube and certainly normal sperm cells of the partnerare also present.

The choice of schemeof ovulation induction depends on many factors and is prescribed by doctor.

Control of follicle development is realized by the ultrasound. When the follicles achieve certain diameter human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) or its recombinant analogues is administered.

To increase your chances of becoming pregnant we try to stimulate the development of two (but not more than three) ovules (a doctorcontrol the development of follicles). The conceiving begins naturally in the determined period. There are also many other factors, which influence the progress of stimulation of ovulation. Among them: the age of woman, the presence of other reasons of infertility and the correct selection of medications.

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