IMSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection selected)

The Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection selected, better known as IMSI for its acronym in English (Intracytoplasmic morphologically-selected sperm injection) is a laboratory technique used in IVF treatments (IVF) involves inserting morphologically selected sperm into the egg cell.

In the usual ICSI procedure, the spermatozoa are selected at a slight magnifying (200-400 times), thus only superficial evaluation of the morphological characteristics of the spermatozoa can be done, which will be used to fertilize the egg cell. In our clinic, the IMSI procedure is carried out at a magnifying of 7,000 times, which allows a more detailed assessment of the structure of the sperm.

In this case, the selection of spermatozoa for IMSI occurs according to the MSOME criteria, which allow to make an analysis of a specific sperm and assess its quality. By choosing only the best sperm for fertilization, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization compared to the usual ICSI. Thus, using IMSI can increase the chances of pregnancy and reduce the risk of spontaneous abortion.


IMSI is expedient:

♦ After the previous unsuccessful attempts of the IVF-ICSI (especially if they are 2 or more)
♦ if there were abortions
♦ a diagnosis of teratozoospermia (high content of pathological forms of sperm), especially oligo-terato-astenozoospermia.


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