Infertility treatment

Forms of infertility:

♦ Female infertility;
♦ Male infertility;
♦ Combined infertility;
♦ Unexplained infertility.

 Female infertility is associated with impairment of the functioning of the reproductive system of the woman – anovulation, abnormal patency of the fallopian tubes, endometrial receptivity, endometriosis, uterine myoma, developmental abnormalities and anatomical defects of the genital organs, chromosomal abnormalities, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian exhaustion, etc.
A female infertility can be primary, when there were no pregnancies in anamnesis, or secondary, when a woman once gave birth.

A male infertility is caused by poor hormonal support and poor general health, semen of low quantity and/or poor quality despite adequate hormonal support, defects of the genital tract and problems with ejaculation.
Combined infertility accounts for approximately 25% of cases and is due to the pathology of reproductive function of both men and women;
We use the term “Unexplained infertility” when a couple received normal clinical results in the standard studies.

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