IVF with egg donation “Comfort”

ART Packages  Price


3 IVF with egg donation “Comfort” 5,350


·           the program coordinator support prior to the treatment
·           consultation of obstetrician-gynecologist, fertility specialist and evaluation of the patient’s case
·           personalized  treatment plan  and custom stimulation protocol
·           selection and examination of an egg donor
·           controlled ovarian stimulation in the egg donor
·           all the stimulating medications for the egg donor are included
·           egg retrieval from the egg donor ( 8 oocytes)
·           fertilization of eggs via  ICSI/PICSI/IMSI methods
·           embryo culture
·           embryo transfer
·           freezing  and storage of the embryos ( for 12 months)
·           complete clinical and laboratory examination for a man and a woman
·           Transfer ( from/to the airport/medical center)
  * The price does not include:

– plane ticket, accommodation and medications


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