About the clinic

The Clinic of Professor S. Khmil is a private medical institution that provides diagnostic and treatment services, using modern diagnostic and treatment approaches.

With modern diagnostic equipment you can take complex examination and get expert advice. Our clinic provides the expertise and the most up-to-date fertility techniques.

Our main aim is the administration of high quality medical care to couples with infertility problems, applying most of the latest and up to date methods of assisted reproduction.

In the friendly atmosphere of our clinic, each case is approached scientifically but also in a  simple and comprehensive manner so all couples face the procedure of the chosen technique without fear but with trust and enthusiasm.

Our belief is that the well informed couple participate constructively in the procedure of their treatment by making the best treatment choice.

We always try to offer you the best services possible, so our Clinic has continuous operating hours on a daily basis, allowing the couples to chose the most convenient time for visiting.


In our clinic, at your service:

  • Doctors with a high level of training and many years of practical and academic experience;
  • Modern medical and laboratory equipment that meets international standards;
  • Possibility of early diagnosis and prevention of diseases;
  • Individual approach to each patient;
  • Privacy statement.


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